What is Critical Information Systems?

The CIS (Critical Information Systems) is the technology component and subject matter experts for all information systems that the RAC region uses.
CIS supports regional technology implementations and supports locals in the event of a crisis.
We offer access many software applications for visibility of resources and information during incidents. Please take a look around and please reach out for any information, thanks for stopping by.

Situational Awareness

Our support capabilities and regional software implementations bring situational awareness through continuity and communication. This allows information from health care resources to flow through the system and support situational awareness. This is crucial in supporting and planning response activities. We exercise and support live events and allow the collection of best practices for when the real events do happen. The RAC works to notify involved individuals and collect critical information necessary to effectively respond to an emergency situation.

WebEOC - All Hazard Communication Platform


Built to support the mission of crisis management, public safety and emergency response personnel, the solution has evolved to provide simplified information access promoting intelligent incident response and business resiliency. The enhanced user experience provides organizations of all sizes with a platform for daily operational and emergency management support through a uniquely customizable set of utilities for complete situational awareness. Our regional implementation of WebEOC spans 27 counties a is owned and Operated by NETRAC, Piney Woods RAC, ATCOG and ETCOG.

EMResource - Healthcare Status Reporting


EMResource is a powerful, web-based solution designed to address resource management needs across the health care continuum. Our solution was designed by clinicians for clinicians, equipping those involved in health care and emergency response with practical, convenient and holistic operational views of area and regional resources. EMResource covers our 27 county area and shows the operational status of over 45 hospitals, clinics, and EMS resources.

Everbridge - Mass Notification System


RAC-G's Everbridge Mass Notification provides robust analytics, flexible group management, distributed contact data, multiple options for contact data management, and a “globally local” approach to optimize voice and SMS routing. RAC-G offers this service and implementation to any RAC member and associates to better define their emergency preparedness plans. This program is paid for by the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) grant deliverables.