Acute Care Committee (Stroke & STEMI Committee):
Lisa Hutchison, RN - 903.594.2812 - lhutchison[@]

The mission and purpose of the Stroke Care Committee is to review emergency transport and treatment of the stroke patient.

To identify stroke care professionals from hospitals within Trauma Service Area G and to review and define stroke care capabilities of each of these hospitals and define guidelines for the transportation of the stroke patient to the appropriate hospital. To improve the recognition and rapid treatment of STEMI patients throughout the facilities within Trauma Service Area G.


Air Medical + Pre-Hospital Committee:
Jim Speier, Flight for Life - jim.speier[@]
Pre-Hospital Committee Chair Open

The goal of the Air Medical Committee is to create a culture in which to deliver consistent safe, quality air medical transport and care to the citizens of the RAC Area G community.

The goal of the pre-hospital committee is to provide an open venue for networking between EMS in TSA-G and to provide an arena for issues both regional and statewide open communications between hospital and pre-hospital settings.  It is our intention as a committee to stand as a unified front with no single organization taking charge.  It is the goal of this committee to strive to improve pre-hospital care within our trauma service area.


Finance Committee (Invitation Only Meeting):
Billy Perez, Director Fairfield EMS - 903.388.2448 - fairfieldems[@]

It is the mission of the Finance Committee of RAC-G to fund trauma related projects to members in good standing in order to benefit trauma patient care throughout our region.


Hospital Preparedness Committee (ASPR):
Karen Adams - RN - ETMC Jacksonville - kadams[@]

To promote hospital and community disaster preparedness, whether man-made or natural, through education, financial assistance and training while integrating state-wide preparedness activities at the local level.


Steering Coalition for HPP:
Karen Adams - RN - ETMC Jacksonville - kadams[@]

Mission of the RAC-G Steering Coalition is to assist the Hospital Preparedness Program of Piney Woods Regional Advisory Council TSA G in the regional preparedness planning efforts and maintaining compliance with the ASPR funding guidelines.


Neonatal / Pediatric / Perinatal Committee:
Stephanie Foster, CNO Longview Regional - 903-232-3775 - stephanie.foster[@]

The goal of the Perinatal Regional RAC-G is the effective implementation and maintenance of a standardized designation program for Neonatal and Maternal levels of care in RAC-G. We are committed to the comprehensive improvement in the care of neonatal and maternal patients throughout our region and supporting the health care professionals who provide this care.


Performance Improvement:
Rob Terry, Trauma Coordinator - ETMC Pittsburg - 903-946-5580 - raterry1[@]

To ensure that trauma patients receive the highest quality care possible in RAC-G by analyzing trauma system performance and identifying opportunities for improvement.


Physicians Peer Review / Research:
Position Open

Physician Peer Review/Research - All phases of planning, development and implementation of an organized, integrated system for trauma care in TSA-G. Responsibilities of the committee are to revise and update Trauma System Plan on an annual basis.


Long Term Care Committee:
Toni Johnson, LVN, ALF - RAC-G Healthcare Coalition Coordinator - toni[@]

The long term care committee is designed to further development of LTC facilities integration into the Trauma and Emergency Preparedness system.


We are accepting nominations for RAC-G Committee Chairs, please nominate here before October 18th, 2018:Click Here!