This page is for YOU – all our CMS coalition folks who are broadly represented by Long Term Care, ICF/IID (Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities), PACE (Primary Care for the Elderly), and many more.  There are 17 facility types who are now being included in the coalition effort and some who are not yet determined.

We, the RACs, exist to help you develop emergency capabilities that are needed in meeting disaster scenarios.   We are that middle link that teaches, prepares and practices the skills needed to save the lives under your care.  Instead of meeting the coalition folks as a disaster unfolds, you will already be part of the coalition’s pre-disaster plans.

So, we are planning a Boot Camp #1 to help all of you to understand and comply with the new CMS Final Rule.  The November 15th deadline is coming quickly and some are not yet up to speed.  You do not need to be a RAC member to attend this training.  We just want you to be ready and comfortable that you can meet the compliance expectations.

  • This training is free and no cost to you … members and non RAC members alike!
  • Lunch is provided!
  • Bring as many of your leadership staff as you need.

Below you will see the date, place and time, and a ‘Register’ button.  PUSH IT PLEASE and join us!

  • Include ONE REGISTRATION FORM for EACH attendee
  • If you don’t know the name – register them by ‘position’

                                      See you July 28th!