Scott Norwood, M.D.
Vice President of Medical Stakeholders

Jim Speier, EMT-P
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jerri Pendarvis, R.N. 
Past Chair

Lisa Hutchison R.N.
V. Chair - Governance

Stacy Gregory, P.A. 

Billy Perez, LP, EMT

Sheryl Coffey
President & CEO of Board of Directors
(Non-Voting Member)

George Roberts
Vice Pres.Nominating Committee

Paul McGaha D.O./M.P.H.
Vice Pres. Education/Coalitions

Dr. Brett Burnett
Chair, Emergency Ops

Dr. Dallas Wright
Chair Physician's Quality Systems Review & Research

Chad Solomon
Chair, Air Medical

Vicky Lamay
Chair, Coalitions

Roy Langford
Chair, Finance Committee

Karen Adam R.N.
Chair, HCC Governance

Stephanie Foster R.N.
Chair, NICU-Mat Child/Woman's Health

Missie Banda
Chair, Performance Improvement

Mike Adas EMT
Chair, Pre-Hospital

Jamie Moore R.N.
Chair, STEMI

Lisa Hutchison R.N.
Chair, Stroke